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   3 PCS Soft Seated Flanged End  Ball Valve
  3 PCS Soft Seated SCRD/SW End Ball Valve
  2 PCS Soft Seated Flanged End Ball Valve
  2 PCS Trunnion Mounted Flanged End Ball Valve
  Cast Steel Gate Valve
  Cast Steel Pressure Seal Gate Valve
  Regular Double-Disc Gate Valve
  Through Conduit Gate Valve
  Cast Steel Swing Check Valve
  Through Conduit Full Bore Gate Valve
  Cast Steel Globe Valve
  Forged Steel Gate Valve
  Forged Steel Globe Valve
  Forged Steel Lift Check Valve


Products - Cast Steel Globe Valve
 Download G A Drawing
Class 150
Class 300
Class 600
General Construction : BS 1873
Face to Face Dimensions : ANSI B 16.10
Inspection & Testing : BS 6755
Material Construction : (As per ASTMA)
Carbon steel : WCB
Stainless Steel : CF 8 M/ CF 8
Class : 150 to 1500
Size : 2” to 24”
Flanged ends : ANSI B 16.5
Butt weld end : ANSI B 16.25

Globe valves are primarily used as control valves where throttling or both throttling and shut-off are required. Globe valves can also be used for on-off service; however, because of the design, a pressure drop becomes inherent. This is generally confined to on-off applications where the valve is normally closed and pressure drop is not important when the valve is open. Normal applications will find the globe valve with the flow and pressure under the disc. EMFLO cast steel globe valves are commonly made in outside screw and yoke designs with full ports (including seat ring) and heavy-duty, conical plug type discs.



The body is full ported and spherical in form. The design utilizes large radiuses which allow for the stresses, flow resistance and turbulence to be kept to a minimum. Valve bonnets are equipped with a backseat bushing.


Standard body-cover joints of our globe valves are
machined as follows: 
150, 300, 600 Male-and-Female
900* & over Ring Type Joint
*Pressure Class 600 also available in Ring Joint Type
EMFLO can supply any style of gasket required by the customer.



The valve is normally supplied with the conical plug type disc. The disc rotates freely on the stem and incorporates a differential angle from that on the seat ring. This design provides the maximum assurance of shut off, is less likely to stick in the body seat, and is considered the simplest design for field repair. The disc is held onto the stem utilizing the disc nut and a split-ring disc retainer on 2”–4” in pressure classes 150 and 300. Larger sizes as well as pressure classes 600 and higher utilize the disc nut and a button head design which is integral with the stem. Bottom guided discs are available.



The seat ring design, which is normally supplied, is as follows:
CLASS 150: 2”– 8”/ Integral 10” >/Seal Welded
CLASS 300–900: 2”– 6”/ Integral 8” >/Seal Welded
CLASS 1500 & >: 2”– 4”/ Integral 6” >/Seal Welded
Other designs are available as specified by the customer



As FAC’s standard, all stems are rotating and rising; however, a non-rotating design is available when specified by the customer. The accuracy in the dimensions and finishes assure a long life with a perfect tightness in the packing area, resulting in lower fugitive emissions. All of our stems are designed with integral backseat features which provide an ultimate seal during packing changes



The stem packing is designed and arranged to ensure a maximum seal along the stem during peration or while at position, thus allowing for a greater reduction in fugitive emissions. Our packings are of non-asbestos types. FAC can supply any style of packing required by the customer.



The depth of the stuffing box allows for a sufficient amount of packing, which makes the stem seal. FAC’s standard packing arrangement and stuffing box design meets <100 ppm fugitive emission requirements. If specified in the purchase order, lantern rings and/or grease injectors can be furnished.



The packing gland design is a two-piece self-aligning type. The gland proper has a spherical head that rides within the spherical joint of the gland flange. The gland proper has a shoulder, which restricts the complete entry into the stuffing box bore. This particular design assures a straight compression of the packing as the gland eyebolts are being equally adjusted, without injuring the stem.



The stem nuts on FAC’s standard rising stem globe valves are threaded into the top of the yoke where they are secured with a tack weld.



Handwheels are designed with a comfortable grip for easy operation. As our standard, hammer-blow type handwheels are provided as listed in the next column :



For normal service conditions, ASTM A194 Class 2H and ASTM A193 Grade B7 nuts and stud bolts are furnished. If specified for high temperature service conditions, ASTM A194 Class 4 and ASTM A193 Grade B16 nuts and stud bolts are furnished. Standard bolting furnished for our stainless steel valves consists of ASTM A194 Class 8 and ASTM A193 Grade B8 nuts and stud bolts. FAC can supply any bolting as requested by the customer.



Our standard production covers valves with:
• Flange ends with Raised Face (RF), Flat Face (FF) or Ring Type Joint (RTJ) that conform to ANSI B16.5.
• Butt-welding ends (BW) that conform to ANSI B16.25.
• All face-to-face/end-to-end dimensions conform to ANSI B16.10.
• Other special end connections are supplied according to customer’s requirements.



Accessories such as gear operators, actuators, bypasses, locking devices, chainwheels, extended stems and bonnets for cryogenic service and many others are available to meet the customers equirements

  For 1,500 # and 2,500 # and special material details will be provided on request.
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