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   3 PCS Soft Seated Flanged End  Ball Valve
  3 PCS Soft Seated SCRD/SW End Ball Valve
  2 PCS Soft Seated Flanged End Ball Valve
  2 PCS Trunnion Mounted Flanged End Ball Valve
  Cast Steel Gate Valve
  Cast Steel Pressure Seal Gate Valve
  Regular Double-Disc Gate Valve
  Through Conduit Gate Valve
  Cast Steel Swing Check Valve
  Through Conduit Full Bore Gate Valve
  Cast Steel Globe Valve
  Forged Steel Gate Valve
  Forged Steel Globe Valve
  Forged Steel Lift Check Valve


Products - Through Conduit Gate Valve
General Construction : API 6D
Face to Face Dimensions : API 6D
Inspection & Testing : API 6D
Material Construction : (As per ASTMA)
Carbon steel : WCB
Stainless Steel : CF 8 M/ CF 8
Class : 150 to 1500
Size : 2” to 36”
Flanged ends : ANSI B 16.5
Butt weld end : ANSI B 16.25
  For 1,500# and 2,500 # and special material details will be provided on request.
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