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   3 PCS Soft Seated Flanged End  Ball Valve
  3 PCS Soft Seated SCRD/SW End Ball Valve
  2 PCS Soft Seated Flanged End Ball Valve
  2 PCS Trunnion Mounted Flanged End Ball Valve
  Cast Steel Gate Valve
  Cast Steel Pressure Seal Gate Valve
  Regular Double-Disc Gate Valve
  Through Conduit Gate Valve
  Cast Steel Swing Check Valve
  Through Conduit Full Bore Gate Valve
  Cast Steel Globe Valve
  Forged Steel Gate Valve
  Forged Steel Globe Valve
  Forged Steel Lift Check Valve


Products - 2 PCS Soft Seated Flanged End Ball Valve
 Download G A Drawing
Class 150
Class 300
General Construction : B S5351/API 6D
Face to Face Dimensions : ANSI B 16.10
Fire-Safe Testing : BS-6755partI/AP16D
Material Construction : API 607/6 FA
Carbon steel : (As per ASTMA)
Stainless Steel : WCB/A 105
Class : CF 8 M/ CF 8
Size : 150, 300, 600
Flanged ends : ANSI B 16.5
Flange Drilling : ASA 150, 300, 600
Other drilling BS 10 Table D, E, F or Din ND-10/16


FAC 2 PCS Soft Seated Flange End Ball Valves are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest industry standards; Our split body design gives ease of maintenance on site. Trunnion Mounted Valves are available in both soft seated and metal seated design. Special face to face dimensions can be supplied. All valves are available in Full or Reduced Bore, with Raised Face, Ring Type Joint, Hub End, Butt weld or Socket end connections. Pressure rating range from ANSI 150 thru ANSI 2500, compact flanges and higher pressure rating are available on request. Valve are supplied as Lever Operated, Gear Operated or Actuated to customer’s specification.


Valves are manufactured in a range of materials such as Carbon Steel, Low Temp Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Super Duplex, Monel, Inconel and other special Alloys.

Sealing is by O-rings and Graphite ring continues to provide a seal in the event of a fire. O-rings canbe supplied suitable for AED applications in a variety of materials.

Independent seats with preloaded springs are always in contact with the Ball a protect seal even at low pressure. The replaceable Seat   rings and soft inserts can be supplied in materials to suit most service conditions. For very high Temperatures, sealing is ensured by metal to metal seats. Whereby the Ball and Seats are coated with Tungsten carbide and lapped together. Most Sizes and classes have sealant injection system fitted as standard. This allows emergency sealing to be carried out in the event of damage to the soft seat.


Stem are manufactured separately from the ball and feature an anti blow –out design. Stems are supported by RPTFE lined bushes, which reduce valve torque. Stem Sealing is by O-rings and graphite rings. And Graphite rings. From 2” and above stems are supplied with sealant injection system.
  Balls are supplied in Forged or cast Stainless Steel, Duplex or Carbon Steel with ENP. The Trunnion Mounted design reduces operating torque and seat wear.

Electrical conductivity is achieved by fitting a positive contact device between the Stem, Ball and Bonnet.

  Valves are equipped with a went plug, which allows the cavity to be relieved when pressure is applied to both sides of the Ball simultaneously.
Valves are tested in accordance with BS EN 12266 Pt 1&2, API6D, API 598 and ASME b 16.34.
Valves are designed and certified by an independent authority according to API 607 and API 6FA.



Carbon Steel Valves are normally supplied with FAC standard paint finish. Valves can also be unpainted or finished to customers paint specification.

ACCESSORIES Include locking devices, pipe pups, extended bonnets and actuators. Suitable materials, components, seats and O rings can be supplied for valves with Explosive Decompression Or Cryogenic applications.

  For 1,500 # and 2,500 # and special material details will be provided on request.
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